Welcome to NB Veterinary Services


  • Does your dog or cat gets very stressed riding in the car.
  • Is your schedule is too tight to get to your vet’s office.
  • Do you no longer drive and have no way to get your pet to the vet?
  • Do you have too many animals to take to the vet’s office.

Our Veterinarian offers an economical alternative for routine health care for your pet.We provide wellness services for your pet’s in the comfort of your home. By coming to your you where your pet feels most comfortable this may help to ease stress for most pets.Our wellness services include a full line of vaccines, heartworm testing and prevention, nail trims and microchips. We have a licensed veterinarian that will visit your home.  She will be happy to answer your pet health questions.

For more information or to make an appointment…
  Please call us at 210 661-5901.